View Poster Presentations for E-Textiles 2022:

Dr Junjie Shi (University of Southampton)

Integrating flexible filament circuit for E-yarn

Dr Sasikumar Arumugam (University of Southampton)

Synthesis and characterization of UV light emitting electrochemical cells using phenanthrene fluorene derivatives for flexible applications

Lucie Hernandez (Touchcraft Ltd)

Feasibility Study for a Smart Sock Sensing System

Dr Irfan Ullah (University of Southampton)

Effect of Bandage Materials on Epidermal Antenna

Md Rashedul Islam (University of the West of England)

Graphene-based Screen-printed Multifunctional Wearable E-textiles

Huanghao Dai (University of Southampton)

A Screen-printed 8*8 Pixel Electroluminescent Display on Fabric

Tom Greig (University of Southampton)

Miniature Flexible Re-Programmable Microcontroller Circuits for E-textiles

Pattarinee White (University of Southampton)

The Energy Harvesting Performance of a Flexible Triboelectric-based Electrospun PTFE/PVDF Fibre

Christoforos Panteli (Imperial College London)

Complementary cross-coupled LC oscillator for Respiratory Inductive

Dr Jesse Jur (AFFOA)

Building a Digital E-textile Infrastructure

Ghada mohamed elbarbari (Helwan University)

Wearable Preventive Pressure Ulcers System Using Embroidered Textile Electrodes

Philippa Ruth Christine Böhnke (Technische Universität Dresden)

Smart Kinesiotape as tool for human motion capturing with passive feedback

Kate Egan (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Colour in Space: Exploring e-Kinetic Textiles for Spaces

Aaron Zidichouski (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Framework for Sample Size Smart Garment Prototyping with Scalability Under Sustainable Production Methods

Sheng Yong (University of Southampton)

Zinc ion battery on a polyester-cotton textile

Jayashree Mohanty (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

Development of shape memory filament for smart actuation of fabric

Beyza Bozali (Delft University of Technology)

Development of a knitted strain sensor for health monitoring applications

Md. Aman Ul Azam Khan (University of Fashion & Technology, Dhaka)

Development of The Smart Jacket Featured with Medical, Sports, And Defense Attributes using Conductive Thread and Thermoelectric Fabric

Marc Martinez-Estrada (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)

Automotive Seat Occupancy Sensor based on e-Textile Technology

Sanju Ahuja (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

Ethical Aspects of Health Sensing Applications in E-Textiles

Viraj Somkuwar (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

A comparative study on the knitted and woven textile-based triboelectric nanogenerator for energy harvesting application

Riccardo Marchesi (Knitronix Srl)

E-Textiles for monitoring roof leaks

Sandeep Kumar Maurya (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

Optimization of heating performance of the stretchable rib and its derivative knitted wearable heating pad

Chengning Yao (Imperial College London)

Thermally conductive h-BN/polymer composites for e-textiles thermal management

Meijing Liu (University of Southampton)

Design and test of e-textiles for stroke rehabilitation

K.R. Sanjaya D. Gunawardhana (Dublin City University)

Hit the Ground Running – Wearable Sensors to Measure Foot Plantar Pressure

Vishal Srivastava (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

Development of fibre-reinforced biocomposite for flexible wearable electronic application

Luis Pelaez Murciego (Aalborg University)

Design and characterization of a novel screen-printed textile electrode for HD-EMG recording