About us

E-Textiles: International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in Electronic Textiles is an annual conference run by the E-Textiles Network. The E-Textiles Network is an EPSRC funded activity to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry interested in adding electronic functionality to textiles and their related products. For more information on the Network, including how to join, please see the E-Textiles Network website.

Last year’s conference, E-Textiles 2019, was the Network’s inaugural conference and attracted people from across academia and industry. You can read more about the conference, including presentations and conference proceedings on the E-Textiles Network website.

Organising Committee

Conference Chairs:

Prof. Steve Beeby, University of Southampton

Dr Kai Yang, University of Southampton

Conference Co-ordinator:

Beckie Isaia, University of Southampton

Technical Programme Committee

Dr Russel Torah (Chair), University of Southampton

Dr Yi Li, University of Southampton

Dr Yang Wei, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Felice Torrisi, Imperial College London

Prof. John Wilson, Power Textiles Ltd

Dr Rebecca Stewart, Imperial College London

Simon McMaster, Footfalls and Heartbeats Ltd

Mark Catchpole,  Conductive Transfers Ltd

Malte Von Krshiwoblozki, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin