We are pleased to announce the following speakers for E-Textiles 2022:

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Jun Chen – Smart Textiles for Personalized Health Care
  • Martin Ashby – The Challenges of Bringing Garment Based e-Textiles to the Mass Consumer Market

Applications and Future Trends

  • Dr Sarah Goodchild – Wearable Technologies for Defence – Opportunities and Challenges

Sensing and Embedded Systems

  • Prof. John Ho – Wireless Connectivity with Wearable Metamaterials

Manufacturing and Standards

  • Michael Schneider – Production of E-Textiles – Challenges & Best Practice
  • Chris Jorgensen – How the Global E-Textiles Industry Is Addressing Reliability of Product Through Open International Standards

Reliability and Sustainability

 Design and Fashion

  • Marina Toeters –  Unfolding Fashion Tech: About Prettiness, Medical Goods, Technicalities, Usability and Business

Immersive Technologies (VR, AR, Motion Capture)

  • Professor Strahinja Dosen – Textile electrodes for practical application of myoelectric control in human-machine interfacing
  • Andrei Pyko – Smart Clothing to Improve Quality of Life, Health, and Physical Skills of People