View Poster Presentations for E-Textiles 2021:

Dr Junjie Shu (University of Southampton)

Textile Tactile Sensor based on Ferroelectret for Gesture Recognition

Sultan Khattak (National Textile University, Pakistan)

Optimization of Knitted Structures for E-Textiles Applications

Lucie Hernandez (Falmouth University)

A Framework for Crafting E-Textiles

Dr Katie Court (University of Southampton)

Fully solution processed blue colour organic light emitting electrochemical cells (OLECs) with silver nanowires (AgNW) as cathode for top illumination

Dr Irfan Ullah (University of Southampton)

Design of Textile Antenna for Moisture Sensing

Ashleigh Naysmith (University of Huddersfield)

Green synthesised silver nanoparticle and polypyrrole-based temperature sensing and joule heating linen textile for thermoregulation applications

Jessica Saunders (London College of Fashion)

Can design for Disassembly principles inform policy for e-waste

Dr Mahmoud Wagih (University of Southampton)

5G-Enabled E-Textiles based on a Low-Profile Millimeter-Wave Textile Antenna

Nour Nashed (Nottingham Trent University)

Finite element analysis of the mechanical stresses on the core structure of electronically functional yarns

Dr Kristel Fobelets (Imperial College London)

Ambulatory monitoring using knitted 3D helical coils

Dr Ishara Dharmasena (Loughborough University)

Textile based Triboelectric Nanogenerators with Balanced Electrical and Wearable Performances

Pouya Khorsandi (Queen’s University, Canada)

Designing E-textile Sensors and Actuators for Infotainment Interaction in Cars

Dr Arash Shahidi (Nottingham Trent University)

Development of a manufacturing process for a robust electronic yarn

Fahad Alshabouna (Imperial College London)

Automated embroidery manufacturing of e-textile using cotton modified PEDOT:PSS- thread

Anuja Pathak (Walton Institute)

Image Detection and Responsivity Analysis of embroidered fabric markers using Augmented Reality Technology

Hanieh Ghiasi (Coventry University)

Synthesis and characterisation of low temperature sintering conductive inks