Phil KPhil Kunovski

Chief Technology Officer, Kymira

As KYMIRA’s CTO, Phil leads R&D into new smart textile platforms for biosensing within sports, fitness and medical markets. Phil holds an MEng in Electronic Engineering and Cybernetics from the University of Reading. He has recently completed his PhD in wireless power transfer for wearable monitoring solutions from the University of Reading, investigating cutting-edge textile printed-based technologies for the wearables industry. Phil has skills in product development from initial concept through to prototyping, testing, design for manufacture, writing and licensing of patents, production and marketing; runs several collaborative, industrial and academic projects; and oversees KYMIRA’s several R&D programmes.

Presentation Title:

  • Biomonitoring in Professional Sports and Medical through Smart Garments

Presentation Summary:

  • KYMIRA is as smart garment company founded in 2013 and operates in the Health and Fitness market with their clothing brands, KYMIRA Sport and KYMIRA Medical. Since 2016, KYMIRA has been conducting new R&D into electronic(e)-textiles for primary usage within the medical and healthcare markets. KYMIRA and partners are developing innovative techniques to embedding printed electronics into clothing for scalable manufacture and incorporating sensors that can record biodata for monitoring applications. This platform technology is non-invasive, washable, durable and comfortable to wear, and has the real potential to bring about significant change to the healthcare sector. Following on from a webinar in April, KYMIRA’s CTO, Phil Kunovski will present an updated talk on the current state of the art at KYMIRA, exploring applications within their target markets of professional sports and healthcare. They are particularly interested in forming new partnerships that could help increase their smart garment platform’s capabilities and credibility. These could include partnerships focused on developing
    • new biosensors, power systems or communications that have the potential to be incorporated into clothing, as well as,
    • AI-driven data analytics that could generate insights from the unprecedented amount of biodata being recorded through the smart garments.

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