jorgensenchrisChris Jorgensen


Director, Technology Transfer, IPC




Chris Jorgensen is Director Technology Transfer with IPC, a worldwide trade association for the electronics interconnect industry. As a member of IPC’s technical department, Chris’s primary responsibility is staff liaison to standards development committees. These committees include the IPC D-70 E-Textiles Committee, IPC D-60 Printed Electronics Committee and working groups developing standards as part of IPC’s Factory of the Future initiative. Chris has more than 20 years of experience in standards development, nonprofit management and marketing. He received his degree in communications from Columbia College in Chicago.

Presentation Title:

  • How the Global E-Textiles Industry Is Addressing Reliability of Product Through Open International Standards

Presentation Summary:

  • As the markets for e-textiles continues to expand, so too will the need for established standards for demonstrating reliability and reproducibility of product. These standards not only need to address the various integration technologies for e-textiles – woven, knitted, braided, embroidered, printed, etc. – but they will also need to be usable across product types – wearable, automotive, industrial, etc. – and market areas – defense, medical, consumer, etc.

    In this presentation, Chris Jorgensen, staff liaison for the IPC E-Textiles Committee, will discuss how hundreds of volunteers from the global e-textiles industry are developing open international standards to meet these needs. He will also explain importance of open international standards, how they are developed, the cost-saving benefits they have to industry, how they improve reliability and speed time to market, as well as dispel some myths regarding standards.

    Specific to their work, Chris will spotlight several key committee undertakings:

    • How one committee has established generic classifications of e-textiles wearables products to benefit industry
    • New Test Methods under development and how they will ensure consistent reliability testing from base e-textile to e-textiles wearables system, including washability
    • Test standard for conductive yarns to build a library of standards-based specification sheets
    • New activities for embroidered e-textiles

Additionally, Chris will discuss IPC’s Factory of the Future initiative and how activities there involving Digital Twin, Model-Based Definitions for Digital Twin, Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, Traceability, Connected Factory will benefit the e-textiles industry as it expands to next-generation manufacturing of next-generation product.