martin-header-image_v1-02-1-768x768Martin Ashby


Chief Innovation Officer, Prevayl Limited


Martin has spent his career in sports and consumer retail brands managing teams that develop, source and build product ranges for the consumer.  At a chance meeting with a friend in a coffee shop in 2013, he chose to leave the corporate world behind and enter the world of wearable technology and start-ups.  He’s spent the last 9 years developing garments that can read data from the body, transforming it into insight that educates, empowers and adds value to the wearer.


Presentation Title:

  • The Challenges of Bringing Garment Based e-Textiles to the Mass Consumer Market

Presentation Summary:

There is an inevitable trade-off that wearable tech companies have to wrestle with when trying to meet the demands of a mass market consumer: the consumer expects the product to be highly accurate, offer empowering insight, look like an ordinary garment and be priced affordably.  So far, the trade-off has not worked and a product hasn’t been delivered. The talk will raise some of the challenges we must all address if the e-Textiles sector is to achieve its growth potential.