TonyTony Chahine

CEO, Myant Inc

Tony Chahine is the CEO and founder of Myant Inc, a company based in Toronto, Canada, globally leading the Textile Computing industry. Myant is on a mission to transform human connectedness through textile. It is changing the way people connect to themselves, their communities, and the IoT-enabled world using textiles that can sense and react to the human body, and the AI-enabled Myant Platform. Tony dreams of a future where even the most marginalized people will reap the benefits of technology, and have access, as an example, to remote healthcare. An entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems and revolutionizing the status quo, Tony holds an unwavering belief that everyone should have the right to participate in our connected world. Myant was created with this vision in mind. With a background in electrical engineering, Tony came to Canada in 1990 and quickly saw an opportunity to upset traditional electronics markets with new products and business strategies. In 1992, Tony founded Battery Plus, and in so doing was the first to bring innovative battery technologies to the North American market. He continued innovation in the retail sector by acquiring and transforming companies, with a focus on sustainability and ethically produced goods. The creation of Myant builds on those two decades of experience in electronics and material science, as well as difficult personal family situations, and aims to connect the human operating system to the world around us. Myant is making this a reality with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technicians, fashion designers and strategists, and a full end-to-end enterprise. For more information, visit and

Presentation Title:

  • Enabling Human Participation in the Future & Revolutionizing Healthcare with Myant

Presentation Summary:

  • With the recent launch of Skiin as a textile computing product for society’s most vulnerable and underserved communities, Myant is primed to enable holistic, predictive, and preventative care models in healthcare. In this presentation, Myant Founder and CEO Tony Chahine will highlight why Skiin was brought to market to solve the challenges of episodic care, how Myant has formed the backbone of the nascent textile computing industry, and how these solutions will help patients, their families, and their practitioners drastically improve health outcomes through ambient, continuous connection.