Dr Jacob Skinner

CEO, Thrive Wearables



With a background in engineering, the physical sciences and wearable products, Jacob founded Thrive Wearables in 2015. Thrive works collaboratively with industry partners, academia and the NHS, with a mission to deliver exponential health improvements through connected, data driven wearable technologies. He speaks internationally at events on wearable tech and a range of other topics and heads up the executive team at Thrive.

Presentation Title:

  • Using Technology Enabled Textiles in Real World Wearable Products

Presentation Summary:

  • Wearable technology was once ‘a Fitbit’. It’s now many things to many people, with diverse applications across medical, health, sports, industrial and other near human environments. However, people are not flat, rigid things and so plastic, metal and traditional electronics form factors are limited. With frequent need to develop products with flexible and adaptable form factors, we must turn to textiles and soft goods techniques to make wearables more human appropriate. What does it take to integrate electronics and textile supply chains? How do you make a prototype scaleable to mass production? In this talk Dr Skinner will talk about some of the challenges in doing this, using real world examples.