E-Textiles 2022: Call for Papers

The incorporation of electronic, sensing and actuating functionality within textiles is a growing field of research offering the ability to realise smart systems wherever textiles are deployed. New methods of manufacturing and innovations in materials have benefited a huge range of applications. E-Textiles 2022 provides a forum to discuss the latest developments and understand future opportunities.

The conference sessions cover developments in the following areas:

Applications and Future Trends: Advances and opportunities in areas from personal healthcare to industrial applications of textiles.

Sensing and Embedded Systems: Sensing technologies and electronics integration methods including printed organic electronics.

Manufacturing and Standards: Embroidered, woven, knitted and printed e-textiles and standards for testing.

Reliability and Sustainability: Methods to improve e-textile reliability and robustness and engineering for sustainability. 

Design and Fashion: Exploring the importance of design for the role of e-textiles in fashion.  We are particularly interested in research that deals with design identity (cultural meaning and belonging), disrupting behaviours and/or sensory experience. 

Immersive Technologies: Advances in e-textile technologies for virtual and augmented reality and Motion Capture.

Topics of interest include:

  • Emerging functional materials for e-textiles
  • Stretchable/flexible/soft textile compatible sensors and electronics
  • 1D yarn-based technologies
  • Manufacturing and testing techniques
  • Energy harvesting power supplies
  • Textile batteries and supercapacitors
  • Printed electronics for e-textiles
  • Biocompatible, biodegradable and reusable e-textile materials and devices
  • Packaging and encapsulation
  • Design, simulation and modelling
  • Emerging applications e.g. IoT, smart workplaces etc.

E-Textiles 2022 invites researchers, industry experts and students to send original abstracts for consideration by the Technical Programme Committee.  Abstracts will be accepted for either oral or poster presentation and there will be a Best Student Oral Presentation and a Best Student Poster prize each of a £100 Amazon voucher. Extended abstracts (four pages) of accepted papers will be published in indexed, open access Conference Proceedings.

Presentation in person is presumed, if you wish to present remotely please indicate this on the submission form and we will be in contact with you.

Abstract Submission and Deadlines

Please use the attached E-Textiles 2022 Abstract Template (1 page + figures) to submit your abstract. Please also supply a short one paragraph biography and preferably submit these in PDF format.

Please submit abstracts and short biographies using the submission form below by Wednesday 14th September 2022.